Chiropractic Testimonials

"I would definitely recommend Natural State Chiropractic to anyone! The ladies at the front desk are always nice and welcoming. And Dr. Elder is amazing at what he does! I came in with horrible neck pain and spasms and now 2 weeks later I am feeling better than ever with fewer headaches throughout the week. This place is 10/10!"

- Nicole T.

"First time ever seeing a chiropractor. I went because my lower back pain was getting to a threshold it was impacting my daily life. After 5 weeks I’ve seen a huge improvement in pain and mobility. I highly recommend Natural State!"

- Steven R.

"Staff is dedicated to getting your body back in shape. I've suffered from sciatica for 12 years and Dr. Crawford is as determined as I am at getting it under control. The ladies are always welcoming and helpful."

- Angela A.

"I have 4 herniated discs in my lower back, I’ve been in pain since before I got out of the Army in 2010. I’ve seen countless neurosurgeons and had countless injections and nerve burnings, which are just temporary relief. After coming here and having my back worked in just a few times I could feel relief, and not after I think 15 or so visits I am completely pain-free! Thanks, Dr. Taylor, I really appreciate it!"

- Devan F.

"Natural State Chiropractic has changed my opinion of chiropractors! From the minute I walked thru their doors I knew they were different. They have significantly helped me. I was in a terrible car accident in 1978 that no one has been able to help me with! Until now! You feel like you are one of the family when you go in. Both of the doctors are awesome! These people get more than 5 stars and I can’t say enough great things about al! Thank you Natural State Chiropractic!"

- Anita W.

"Dr. Crawford is a pure magician in the Chiropractic field. He turned a non-chiro believer into a believer for not just myself, but my husband as well. You never just go into the office “to be adjusted” as he takes the time every time to listen to how you're feeling and truly tries to tackle each symptom one by one to get you back to feeling your best. I truly have a large list of medical issues going on, but that has never scared him away or changed the way he treats me as a person and patient.

My family truly loves him! The front desk staff are probably the best I have ever met, as they care for you before and after with the utmost respect, they address you by name, and are the nicest ladies in the world. Dr. Elder always is super friendly and acknowledges my family when we come in without us even being his patient. Luckily, due to Dr. Crawford having a personal injury himself during one visit he asked for Dr. Elder to step in to help adjust me as I was in a lot of pain myself and without question, Dr. Elder stepped in and helped me, so I’ve had the pleasure of working with both doctors. You can’t go wrong with either doctor as this practice is one in a million!"

- Kylie R.


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